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new "New World-New Growth" Two decisions proposed to the European Council under Luxembourg Presidency, September 2015

new MED Agenda for Peace and Qualitative Growth, September 2015

new EEB 40st Anniversary Strengthening the movement for environmental change: Change the Dynamic, Mobilize The Power of Many and Launch the European Co-Revolution, September 2015

The European co-revolution 2014, October 2013

The European co-revolution 2014, October 2013

A Mediterranean - EU Community for a New Era of Mankind, october 2011

A Euro-Mediterranean Community for a new Golden Age. May 2011

A Community/Alliance with Mediterranean Countries. March 2011.

UN Summit 2012 And the EU Transformation Agenda. November 2010

Change Gear. June 2010

Towards a Charter of Common Goods and Collective Rights?. February 2009

Memorandum to the European political parties. Programme for the 2009-2014 Legislature“Exploring new approaches”
Memorandum to the Governments of the Trio Spain, Belgium, Hungary 2010-2011.
October 2008

The June 2007 roadmap - A way out of the constitutional crisis ? May 2007

EMPOWER – European Civil Society Forum, Bergamo Forum 9-10 November 2006

Turkey and the Second Olympic Ring

The Second Olympic Ring: the Three-Sea Alliance

EMPOWER. Accelerator of Progress for Europe. Bergamo Forum 2006

The second Olympic Ring or the Three-Sea Alliance

Plan B, Citizens facing up to the European Union. Changing the European Governance”

Letter to Mr. Wolfgang Schüssel, Federal Cancellor of Austria

Propositions for the Roadmap "Constitutional Treaty" to be adopted by the European Council in June 2006
Citizens facing up the European Union. Innovation and European Governance: a roadmap to overcome the crisis.

Permanent Forum of European Civil Society. Working Group 4.
Growth and Jobs: A New Start for the Lisbon Strategy
February 2005

A Lisbon Process II merging the Lisbon and Gothenburg Agendas
European Competitiveness in a New World
"Shared Prosperity and Global Well-being in a Circular Economy"
September 2004

Synergies for the Well Being of Society. Think tank note January 2004


new The European co-revolution 2014, October 2013

Promoting industrial growth in Europe. June 2013

Solvay Stakeholder Round Table: Re-invigorating Europe’s industry. November 2012

Responsible and Accountable Market Actors. March 2012

Final Report of the Conference "European Leaders, Champions and Front Runners of Sustainability.
Preparing Rio + 20, Sharing Natural, Financial and Knowledge-Based Resources Progress
for Humankind and Innovation Opportunities".
January 2012

Change Gear. June 2010

EU 2020 Strategy

Financing a Circular Economy. A China-EU Financing Clean Technologies Development Partnership, Macao - 24 April 2008

Finance & Eco-Innovation: A Key Dimension of Green leadership for Europe. European Business Summit, February 21-22/08

An Ambitious Business Response In support to the European Strategy on Sustainable Development, September 2007.

Innovative Environmental Governance and Regulation in the European Union: Any Lessons for US ? June 2007

An ambitious business response to shoulder a more ambitious political agenda. June 2007

An Energy and Water Treaty inspired by the European Coal and Steel Community 1951. June 2007

The June 2007 roadmap - A way out of the constitutional crisis ? May 2007

Pursuing the European Dream: the Second Olympic Ring
The European Union, co-founder of the Four-Sea Alliance.
September 2005

European Treaties, Institutions and Civil Society after the June Council 2005 July 2005

Lisbon II. European Competitiveness in a New World. Europe,
the "first truly sustainable economy in the world"
After the Kok report.
June 2005

Accelerators of Progress for Europe February 2005

The European Constitution of 9 May 2006 January 2005

Working paper of the Think Tank of the Permanent Forum of Civil Society
addressed to the States bordering the Mediterranean Basin and the European Council
November 2004

Say ‘yes’ to the draft Constitutional Treaty. For a Metamorphosis of the Union November 2004

The new Metaphors November 2004

The Enlargement July 2004

The Well-Being Society. A New Horizon for Europe July 2004

From Norms & Values to Competitiveness: a Well-Being Society, "the European New Stage" July 2004

Synergies for the Well Being of Society: Message to the President of the European Council
Dutch and Luxembourg Presidencies
June 2004

Letter To Mr W. Martens. A Convention III linked with a Lisbon II June 2004

Appeal to the European Council: "A new stage for the Citizens’ Europe" January 2004

2005/2006 - A Convention III for a European Contract for a Well-Being Society
Its 2007-2013 Programme "Together We Do Better"
January 2004

Citizens' Europe, Innovation and European Competitiveness: the New Stage January 2004



How to bring partnerships to the next level? July 2012

Turning entrepreneurs into eco‐innovators. - Role of public policy. December 2011

EPE's presentation on the "7th Environmental Action Plan, the ‘overarching’ framework" at the IBGE Seminar

Balancing sustainability and access to raw materials. March 2011

Financing a Circular Economy. A China-EU Financing Clean Technologies Development Partnership, Macao - 24 April 2008

Speech at the Lunching of STIC - Indonesia January 2006

Capacity Building of Indonesian Intermediaries Business Organisation on Sustainable
Trade in the framework of the Establishment of STIC Hub-Indonesia
September 2005

The Global Well-being Society Alliance. Demonstrate the Business Case February 2004

EPE 10 years' Booklet October 2003

EPE Think-Tank Note 2004/1: Roadmap: 10 trends shaping the Sustainability Agenda. April 2004

EPE Think Tank note 2004/2: The role of Companies at European level needs to change April 2004

Think-Tank Note 2004 / 3: Responsible Purchasing June 2004

EPE 10th Anniversdary: Annual Report 2004 May 2004

Partnerships for Sustainable Consumption,
A Source of Progress and Well-Being, Eco-innovation and Competitiveness
May 2005