Raymond Van Ermen
Curriculum Vitae

Present Position:

Years with EPE:

Key Qualifications:
His career has been focused on "engineering processes" to accelerate the transition towards sustainability by creating a critical mass and by empowering each individual as a human being acting as citizen, shareholder, consumer, investor, encouraging them to take responsibility, be open to dialogue and build trust, be willing to move from dialogue to join action.

Today he leads the 2 EPE  programs:

From passive to active corporate responsibility working with Companies, Public Authorities and Civil Society on how to "anticipate rapid convergence between CSR-Sustainable Development Strategy-Strategic Risk Management" with a focus on Responsible Investment and Sustainable Purchasing.

As member of the European Forum of Civil Society he works on

A profile of change agent

He facilitated meetings for the organisations he was running with

So when and where, as change agent, has he been able to "influence" a process, to "empower people" ?

Engineering partnerships for sustainable development.

He also worked as an "engineer" of dialogue, partnership and synergies towards sustainability between NGO's as well as between NGO's and business, trade unions, public authorities:

Today he is working on issues as and alliances related to