In 2020, I'm quite lucky to see the 'changes' many of us have been advocating for since 1972.

From a historical perspective, I want to pay tribute to the work done by those with whom I had the pleasure to work in the framework of my responsibilities firstly as European Environmental Bureau Secretary General (1988-1996) then as active member of European Partners for the Environment, a truly pathfinder (1994-2020).

The Post COVID 19, restart otherwise for a 'resilient, sustainable and fair Europe',proposals drafted in conclusion of a webinar celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, are an opportunity to propose a new vision of the role of the Agenda 2030 for a 'Transformed Europe' which would need, in addition to the European Green deal, a European Social Cohesion Pact, as proposed in Economic Recovery or Transformation Plans. The next steps."

Best regards,

Raymond Van Ermen


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